Our Charity

The Bill Bottino Cancer Foundation (BBCF) was officially established in 2016, even though the Bottino family was heavily involved for years with fundraising and making hundreds of thousand of dollars in donations to the Barbara Cook Cancer Foundation. The BBCF is named in honor of the Bottino’s family patriarch, who lost his life to cancer in 2006. Bill taught the Bottino family many things in life. He taught — Family was business and business was family; that you work hard at both never taking either one for granted. He was a simple man who worked hard and lived an honest life.

As President and CEO of Bottino’s ShopRite Supermarkets, Bill led his family through the bad times and enabled them to enjoy the good times. He shaped the very culture of Bottino’s organization.

Today, the Bill Bottino Cancer Foundation continues to hold fundraising events throughout the year and making donations to local cancer care programs. Keeping the donations local and helping cancer patients directly are important to the BBCF mission.

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